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Psycologico EARLY ACCESS
Psycologico is currently in EARLY ACCESS! This means it is not completed yet, ut already available for purchase. The price of the game will start from the ottom...
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Psycologico - Demo fix and news
Greetings. You may noticed, in the last versions of the demo, a bug coming out when you try register in the Main Hall after closing the game and loading from th...
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WIN A KEY! | Psycologico - Demo Update
Greetings. Psycologico is close to be published in its first complete iteration. To celebrate this, the current version of Psycologico Demo (1.6) will allow the...
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Psycologico | Demo Update
Psycologico Demo has been updated to version 1.3 ! Check it out: good things may happen to those who will download the demo before the release of the final game...
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Psycologico | Demo update
Greetings!We just updated Psycologico Demo with an important bug fix on a puzzle and some other fixes. Enjoy!...
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Last post
Hello~~ I downloaded Psycologico 3 5 days ago, thinking it was finished... But apparently it's not. Soooo, could you tel...
started by Yuyupower May 04, 2019
6 replies
how different is the free version versus the paid 3.0 version? i am only partway into it but wondering how much extra co...
started by LunaBunPlays May 06, 2019
1 reply
Hey, I've been playing this game for 1-1,5 hours now, and even though I like it so far, I think some elements of the gam...
started by werck Jul 15, 2017
11 replies