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Discover the verdant lands of Florifer and begin a journey without precedents. In an ancient forgotten temple, buried under a silent asleep world, a singular creature is born, last legacy of an antique ancestry of guardians of nature. His birth is the last chapter of a restoration opus having its roots in times no one (or almost) has memory of anymore... Guided by his sole instinct, the Bearer takes up the Pothorn which was always destined to him, and embarks in a journey to discover a vast land surrounded by nature, looking for the last miraculous seeds able to grow into flowers. In a world suspended in eternal, verdant limbo, populated with the poor remains of a civilization without memory and strange hermits, the Bearer is called to travel valleys and untangle among ruins from the past, climb mountains and descend into caves, collect the precious seeds, grow them in his Pothorn and take care of the last flowers yielded by nature.


Just download the archive, unzip it and open the Florifer.exe file. Don't forget to give us some feedback on your experience! An XBOX controller and a headset are advised.



Florifer Demo 0.4 359 MB


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Played through the Demo for the first time ever and actually felt pretty refreshed and satisfied by it.
I like the calm music and elements in the world but still gave me an impression of excitement and me wanting to explore it. The World kinda makes you wanna explore it just by the design of it and i'm sure it would be super fucking cool if the end product of the game would build on that aspect and have a lot more and different ways to interact and play with that world.

some performance aspects:

was playing on Ultra Settings and 144hz on an GTX 1080 and it worked perfectly fine! :)

definitely see a lot of potencial in this game and really hope its gonna end up being a nice exploring, interactive 3D-Platformer !!! <3

Thank you so much! We really appreciate your feedback and we'll do all we can to make Florifer way better than it is now <3

A gem. So far the game gives me so much hope.
I love the overall feeling that the game provides, bright colours, relaxing music, amazing artstyle. I will surely keep on checking for new updates and features. 

Keep it up


Amazing game dev :D 

Hey, thank you so much for playing the demo and showcasing it on your channel!